• Ben & Arielle Leisman

We wished we were guests at this lively, Hispanic wedding! Yesenia & Baltazar

From the moment the mariachi band kicked off the party at the house, we knew we had a front row seat to something special and unlike any wedding we have ever experienced.

Spicey, fun, soulful, and a little bit of GLAM ;)

I wasn't sure what kind of mood this would set since my experience with mariachi has been a small dose at a Mexican restaurant. I LOVED it. It was like we were in a movie and the vibe of the house was lively, exciting, with an amazing sense of occasion!

Yesenia and Balta both got ready in the home and were able to avoid seeing each other thanks to the hands of all of their friends/family. It felt cozy & real, all of the kids running around and people laughing....joy. That's the only way I can describe it, joy.

The bond between Balta and their youngest son was warming and made us feel even more connected to them.

While all of the guys were downstairs, upstairs, the ladies were primping.

I had way too much fun with their youngest daughter who was SO fab!

Dress time is one of my favorite times. I remember from my wedding that this was the moment that it hit me; I'm about to get married. And especially since these two have experienced so much life together already, it made the moment 10x more magical.

After the dress was on, the mariachi band followed the bridal party outside to the limo. Seriously, so fabulous.

As soon as those doors closed, Yesenia yells, " I need some damn Remi Martin!"

On queue, her MOH pours her a glass. YASS girl.

I'm not gonna lie, I almost barfed riding backwards in the limo.

We arrived at the church, Bride anxious to see her man!

The full-mass Catholic ceremony was interesting to watch with all of the traditional practices. Seeing these two sneak glances at each other, giggle, and wink...seriously sweet.

We ran through our quick routine of family portraits at the church. Since the reception was being held in Portland, we decided to take the wedding party to Cathedral Park for photos!

Again, the love between these two:

Mother & daughters <3

After about an hour at the park, we sped off to the reception which was the FUNNEST TIME EVER.

We grabbed Yesenia & Balta to have a couple quiet moments with them before we left for the evening. Using the lights in the streets, we took a few final pictures, and said goodbye to this soulful and dedicated couple.

Becoming wedding photographers has opened us up to so much already and this night in particular exposed us to such a huge culture that is in our backyard. These people know how to love, cook, eat, and party! Thank you for inviting us in Yesenia & Balta!