• Ben & Arielle Leisman

On top of the World, Engagement Session

Hamilton Mountain, one of my all-time favorite hikes. Panting, sweating, and trudging up this trail with a 25 pound baby in a backpack plus 20ish more pounds of camera equipment, this was quite the trek. Despite the struggle, the juice really was worth the squeeze:

Hillary & Michael didn't seem to break a sweat as we hiked up the mountain that over looks the Columbia River Gorge, Beacon Rock, and if you look really closely, my dignity is probably somewhere down there too.

The story of their engagement was very symbolic and true to their spirits. They did a sunrise hike to the top of a trail, where a pigeon was perched on a rock at the top. Michael got down on one knee, asked, and when Hillary said yes, the pigeon flew away.

I loved recreating the feeling & mood I interpreted when hearing the story of their engagement in this session!

It's no surprise that these two wound up sitting on a mountain at sunrise, saying yes to a future together. You can sense their ambitious sprits from a mile away, like skunk, except not stinky. If it smelled like anything, it would be campfire & pancakes.

Because I wasn't dying on the way back down, we were able to stop a few times to get some pictures with the colorful foliage. With the huge maple leaves littering the ground like giant confetti, we had to utilize them!

We are so excited for these two and their wedding next October! I promise I won't be nearly as sweaty, ha!

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