• Ben & Arielle Leisman

Claire & Darik's Beachfront Elopement

Where do I even start with this one?

Claire hired us as a surprise to Darik. The elopement was small - close friends & family only and they had originally thought that they would just get photos from guests and Claire's dad who is skilled photographer.


I'm so glad Claire changed her mind and hired us. SO. FLIPPING. GLAD. To think that we might not have ever been in the room with these people, let alone, witness who they were and be around the amazing humans in their lives feels wrong. As soon as I met Claire, I felt curious about her. Her classic poise and beauty...it's not a common find and is beyond endearing. Darik - such a handsome man with a heart of gold and their hearts are so big, we felt welcomed into their lives without hesitation.

I think the first look really killed me. That's when we got our first glimpse into how close these two are. You genuinely feel in the presence of soulmates, best friends, partners, ride or dies...you get it. I'll Let those photos speak for themselves :))))

A huge digital hug to Claire & Darik, their friends and family, The White Pepper PDX Catering (seriously, YUM), Gather Events, and the gorgeous Oregon Coast for an unforgettable day.