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Intimate Wedding at a PNW Hidden Gem

Casey has been our friend for many years so when he was finally marrying his dream gal, we wouldn't have allowed any one else to be their photographers.

When I first met Katie, I deeply appreciated her honesty (rare these days) and sense of humor. I told her, "You remind me of April from Parks and Rec."

Her response, "People have told me that, I don't know if it's a compliment or not..."

I said, "Coming from me, it is 100% a compliment. I LOVE April."

Spending that quite morning with her and her two bridesmaids was awesome. Every time I see Katie, a little more of who she is unravels before me and I am always drawn to what she has to say. Seeing her in her home that she and Casey decorated and spent their time was a sweet sweet glimpse into the side of her that she keeps specially for him.

On the other side of town, Casey is getting ready at his parent's house.

As long as we've known Casey, we've known his parents. When you meet them, you feel like you've known them for years and they welcome you to their lives with open arms.

It's a true testament that we are a product of our environments. Casey was raised in a household with kindness and warmth so he himself is one of the best humans we've ever known.

To kill some time, us girls stopped off at the Washougal waterfront to grab some quick pics!

After our pit stop, we drove to the hidden stone house. Right away, Katie & Casey had their first look. Those of us lucky enough to witness it were all smiles (and tears).

We had some time, so we decided to goof around with the wedding party! When you get a bunch of people who are kids-at-heart together in an abandoned stoned house, it's hard not to play!

Casey's sis arrived with flowers and the cutest baby ever...

The rest of the families arrive and the ceremony begins.

The way Katie looks at Casey while she's coming down the aisle says it all.

They both wrote their own vows; watching Katie laugh and cry through hers had me on another level of emotional. Just that day, I had grown so much more fondness for her and witnessing her love for Casey was selfishly peaceful and endearing.

Alright Casey, try to top that...

Mr & Mrs!!!

We went through our family portrait routine...

And then we FINALLY got our alone time with them!

The first thing Katie did when we got to the photo location was grab a handful of apples and start juggling!

We made our way to the reception where more friends and family gathered. Their ceremony was intimate but their reception was a party! Casey's sister, Amber, offered her backyard to the guests. Complete with a dance floor, twinkly lights, and killer music.

Katie was loving on all of the babies...

First dance...


Bouquet Toss...

Looking into the future like...

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I love it:


Alright, enough of the slow stuff, time to turn up!

Casey cracking me up!!!

Fueled by #montuckycoldsnack

After a peaceful morning

a profound ceremony

a wicked dance party...

Katie and Casey, thank you for letting us pause your moments on this incredible & authentic day. I'm walking away from this with a full heart and a crazy awesome scar down my shin (thanks again to Amber for patching me up!). I think of you every time I look at it.

We love you both and look forward to a life long friendship with the two of you. Can't wait to see what's in store!

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