• Ben & Arielle Leisman

Blast from the past, Our FIRST wedding

On January 2nd, 2017, we got our business license. Within a couple weeks, we were shooting our first wedding...Heidi & Nathan. Of course we would never tell our couple then, but we were nervous. We feared failing every second of that day. We did all of the practicing, learning, and research to be prepared and fortunately, IT. PAID. OFF.

We met these two a few weeks before their wedding. Thanks to our friends at Roam Arrow Wedding Films, who were also starting their media journey.

I first sensed Heidi's energy and watched as Nathan's calmness created this beautiful balance between them. They were excited, in love, and laughed at our jokes, which was a huge relief.

We drove 2 hours to Randle, Washington the morning of the wedding. I walked in to Heidi's cabin, nervous, unsure, and was immediately embraced in a big hug from her. The pressure was off, I felt like I was with a friend. In a second, I went into work mode. I love capturing emotion so I snuck around the cabin, getting shots of her with her daughter and laughing with her friends.

I staged a few photos of her getting ready and in what felt like 2 seconds, we were off to the church to finish up.

The bond between Heidi and her daughter was strong and sweet.

The bond between Heidi and her bridesmaids was more like sisterhood. They build her up, kept her at peace, and prayed all day for her. It was powerfully moving and had me on the edge of tears most of the morning.

Meanwhile, Ben was off, running around with the guys up to his usual school-yard antics!

By the way, it rained all day and no one cared. AWESOME.

Nathan and Heidi wrote each other letters and after seeing this, I always recommend it to our other couples. Such a sweet way to say goodbye to your fiancé.

Right before the ceremony, we had a first look with Heidi and her dad. She and him have a special kind of love, everyone in the room was misty eyed.

A final prayer for the bride:

The ceremony was held in the church that Nathan's grandfather built. The symbolism of family and God that came with being married in his grandfather's church was impactful and inspired a lot of emotional moments. I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

After family photos, the momentum of the ceremony threw us into a fun and energized couples session (in the pouring rain of course)! You guys, look at Nathan's beautiful Tarzan locks:

We headed towards the reception and with minutes to spare and a freezing, wet bride, we grabbed the wedding party for some quick pics.

Dancing, singing, and lots of play, the reception flew by because of all of the fun and shenanigans.

First dance <3 ( Can you spot our friend, Justin, filming??)

We always wonder now if our couples will be cake tasters or smashers.

The night wound down, we said our goodbyes, thanked the wedding party for being kind and playing along with us, and sent the bride and groom off to their forever.

Of course our technical skills have changed since this but the overall style has not. We stay true to the day, enhancing what is there and bringing out the natural emotions and overall feeling of the environments. We have built so much in regards to our framing, camera knowledge, lighting set up, and organization and have such a smooth system now. I am feeling so good and so proud of Ben's drive to research and practice with me. We worked hard to ensure we would do a good job for our first couple and I know we accomplished that.

Thanks again to Nathan and Heidi for believing in us and helping us get our feet off of the ground. We love you.