• Ben & Arielle Leisman

Engagement Session at the Falls

Lori and Kevin....sighhhh.

I saw these two from across the room at a venue open house and I knew, I just KNEW that they were our people. I could see Lori's goodness through her smile and Kevin's whimsicality through his beard. As soon as they were near me, I jumped in front of them and the rest is history.

It's important to Ben and I that we invest in the stories and relationships of our couples. How else do we learn what is genuinely important to them? How else do we know how to direct them? And the most important question, how else would we stay in love with our jobs?

We took these two to Latrourell Falls, 40-ish minutes outside of Portland. I love this location cause the falls are only about a 400 meter jaunt from the trail head, and it's beautiful of course.

We use prompts when couples are nervous to bring out genuine laughs, loosens people up!

They weren't afraid of the cold, they weren't afraid of the wet. So we all decided to go for it!

Don't be fooled, the water was whipping them in the face and Lori's hair was close to proper WET when they climbed back up. An outfit change, and we switched gears

Watching these two ease in to the shoot...in a word is always just, wonderful. I'm sure there's a better word but I just get a sense of calm with a hint of butterflies, knowing that they're growing comfortable with us.

We probably could have made our lives easier and just added a silly willy overlay to their photos, but in true A&B fashion, I threw leaves at them for about 10 minutes. We weren't always successful.

But these two, being the good sports they are and sharing our same sense of humor, we had to include it in their gallery!

A morning well spent. We left feeling so excited, growing in adoration for Lori & Kevin.

See, being creepy and stalking people at public events CAN pay off.