• Ben & Arielle Leisman

The Gorge fires didn't compromise the views of this AMAZING wedding.

Brandon & Amy. While picking the images for this blog, I was teary eyed. Ben and I make it a point to connect with our couples but something about these two tugged at me in a deeper way.

This day started at a secluded cabin in the gorge where the bride & her gals were relaxing and easing into the day.

Amy is a woman who is very in tuned with herself, her stress level, and how to re-center herself. It was really amazing to watch her take breaks, take her time, and really soak in the day.

After doing some makeup and a mimosa or two later, we headed for Cape Horn Estates.

The view of this venue was not compromised by the fires that singed the trees and polluted our air a year prior. It was a GORGE-ous day and reaffirmed my faith in mother-nature's power. No fire too big, still beautiful.

In the bridal suite, the girls finished getting ready.

What can I say? Sometimes you gotta let out that inner Kardashian.

DRESS TIMEE! This is one of my favorite moments of the day. Amy had her mom and sister help her get into her gorgeous dress. I loved the beading, the flowyness, and I'm a total sucker for good ole plunge neckline.

Pure happiness!

Sis-in-law beaming:

After some pictures of Amy and her bridal party, the video crew set-up to have Amy read her letter to her future Mr.

I'm watching Amy read her letter, crying, in the back of the room. She finishes reading and looks up at me. We both smile and let out a laugh. It was a fleeting moment that Ben was able to capture. The photo below transports me back to that exact moment and that's the goal, right?? Tears.

Down the stairs in the other room, the guys are hanging. Steaming their shirts and sharing a brew.

Ben does a great job with these groom details.

Brandon's style is so dapper & timeless. I love the modern/old school mix.

After Brandon reads his letter for the video crew, the boys head outside for some school yard fun!

"Here's to swimming with bow-legged women..."

Their first look. Ah. I loved watching it unfold and the reaction from Brandon, so great!

Guests start to arrive and the wedding party starts to take their places.

The officiant did an amazing job of integrating the crowd, making the entire ceremony feel engaged and connected.

Here she comes!

Rockstars, seriously. ^

After family portraits, the ice cream cart served some sorbet-mosas!

How Brandon feels about sorbet-mosas:

There was a little bit of down-time before speeches began and everyone made themselves comfortable, taking part in all of the amazingness of this wedding.

Speeches began:

Wedding party lawn fun:

Then first dances:

The first man she ever loved:

The first woman he ever loved:

This makes me cry now that I have a son of my own.

Amy and her parents watch the groom dance with his momma.

Any wedding that has corn hole? Winning!

Enough chit chat, let's smash some la Croix and get down to business: