• Ben & Arielle Leisman

Carrie + Lindsey

This day wasn't anything short of magical.

We rode the lift into a foggy mountain scene. We are never disappointed when we get to spend a day up at Mt. Hood.

I couldn't help but hum out some Zeppelin tunes and soak in the mountain weather.

The lighting, clouds, and sorroundings were ideal! I was pumped!

We made our way down to the warming hut and met up with Carrie. Lindsey was hidden away, getting ready in the cabin. Carrie radiated calmness, I've seen it in a lot of brides and it always surprises me since it's such a monumental day.

I rode the lift to the summit with Carrie, Arielle and Lindsey following along about 15 minutes behind.

At the top, I waited with Carrie and watched Lindsey slowly approach on the ski lift.

Sharing this moment, when they got to see each other for the first time, was such an incredible experience. It always is of course. When you're watching two people, who are so clearly in love with each other, admire one another in a different setting than their norm....it's always awesome. But combined with my love for the mountain, the seclusion of the moment...something about this one just really impacted me.

The rest of the wedding was the same, awesome and totally 100% them. The bluegrass band rocked it, I loved meeting their family and friends (you can always tell the character of people by who they surround themselves with) everyone was so warm and they were all huggers...which I know Arielle deeply appreciated!

I was honored to be back here and be with two incredible ladies.


The End