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Once you inquire, we will chat on the phone or through email. No lie, we prefer phone since our jokes come across better and hearing us is a totally different experience. But we get that we live in a time where talking on the phone is not the popular choice anymore!

We get to know each other a bit and hear about what is important to you.

We use all of that intel to build you custom packages/pricing!

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2. WE DO!

Once you guys look over all of the options and we hone in on the perfect experience, we get committed up in here!

30% retainer and a signed contract makes us official.

We shoot your engagement session so you guys get a feel for our process (laid-back, fun, lots of laughs), maybe we get dinner after?

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6 weeks before the wedding, we dive deep into your details. We outline the timeline, put together a "must-have" list, and organize your family formal list (we are fun but we are also organized).

Wedding day- we are by your side. 

We laugh, you kiss, we dance, then we say goodbye.



You guys rest up, take off for your honeymoon, nurse your hangovers while we get to work!

We update you along the way, photo & video links are in your inbox within 6-10 weeks after wedding day.

You relive the day and realize, yes, it really was as amazing as it felt.



We were so honored to have them do our wedding photos & videography. They are some of the friendliest & most comfortable people to be around. They pay attention to detail and they really make sure everything turns out perfect. Seeing the photos of our day made me cry because they truly captured all the beauty and every important moment of our day. I will be able to reminisce back to that perfect day every time I look at these photos because of them. ” 



Who will be shooting my wedding?

Both of us! Sometimes, we hire an associate if there's a lot going on. Only Arielle shoots bridals.

What if I'm awkward and hate getting my picture taken?

To that we say, we get it! We don't love getting our pictures taken either! But that's why we GET TO KNOW YOU in the first place. If we know what makes you laugh, how to best guide you, what you like about yourself, we can make the experience fun and catered to who you are.

Plus, we pose you the entire time so there is no quest work and you don't have to prepare any poses unless you want to!

How long until I get my goods?

Turn around is 6-10 weeks for photo & video. Everything is digital so you get a linky link! It's awesome because you can share right away!

What if you guys are out of budget but we love you?

Do we get all of the photos/video clips taken?

We typically deliver 70-100 photos per hour of coverage. We don't include any unflattering photos (if we know you specifically hate pictures with a double chin going on, we aren't going to give that to you, ha!) but we don't hold anything hostage. If it turns out, you get it! No cap on the quantity.

If you would like all of the video clips, you can pay for a doc edit which will include all clips & the audio (if there was any taken) but again, we do not include clips that are unflattering or were our test shots.

Can I see a full gallery?

Yup! Just give us some detail about your wedding so we can send you similar examples.

Do you travel? What are the costs?

YES YES YES. 100 miles of travel is included with all sessions/weddings. 

If the location is further than that, we charge .58/mile. Unless we need to fly. In that case, we ask that you cover our flights.

Anything further than 4 hours will require over-night accommodations so we don't die while driving home!

REACH OUT ANYWAY. We are all about working with the right people which is why do only do a limited number of weddings per year. 

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