Arielle, Ben, Everett, and Miller

(Sophie & Oakley too, let's not forget the fur-kids)

Match.com, that's where it all began.

The story of us is over 10 years long. We are adventurers and home-bodies all at once. We both have huge aortic pumps, generously give, and deeply believe that laughter is the best medicine.

We both grew up with our own fair share of hurt (everyone does). Which is why we both cling to the good memories; how our grandparent's homes smelled, watching our moms decorate the Christmas tree, pictures of our siblings and the ID tags of pets we've lost.

It has alll led us to photo/video! We document obsessively and aren't the least bit ashamed of it. Life is fleeting, life is precious, so you gotta pause it when you can!



HIEEE. I'm probably the one you'll talk to when you first inquire! I'm the one crying while you're walking down the aisle, NOT ASHAMED! 

 I'm here because knowing that one day, when our couples are one-hundred years old and looking through their old photos, they might think, "Our photographers did such a good job." Knowing that I might potentially live on in people's memory like that is what sets my soul on FIYAA.

I love being a mom, I love being Ben's wife, I LOVE Harry Potter, cooking, dancing, outdoors, video games, and snacks. I watch too many murder mysteries and freak myself out. 

I'm a natural shoulder and will totally let you lean on me! I never judge, EVER. I'll be honest with you but at the forefront of my truth is kindness, always.



Hey! What's up? This is Ben!

I'm the technical guy, the man lurking in the wings waiting for that perfectly timed moment.

I'm the fly on the wall where as Arielle is more guiding and I love playing our strengths off each other. I love action/adventure photography so I love to make people move!

I'm into classic rock; Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are normally the tunes playing in my head. 

Since you'll be curious, the accent is midwest. I was born and raised in Madison, Wiscaaansin and moved out west to be closer to the mountains. 


E V E R E T T 

Everett is such an adventurous little dude. He was put on skis before he was two and loves jumping in puddles, wrestling with his fur brother and sister, and reading pop up books!


Our newest little punkin'! 

She's a babe but also the reason for any bags currently under our eyes. 

Pet the stag to see what it's like to work with us!